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Photography  Tutorials

Digital Photo Secrets. Audio Interview with David Peterson and Amy Renfrey. Starts with the basics and progresses to more advanced stuff.  

A new interview with David Petersen & Amy Renfrey with lots of good tips from January 2012.  

Backing up photos while travelling.

Many Android phones and tablets can be connected to a card reader or direct to your camera, your photos copied to the phone’s memory and on to the cloud when in a wifi area or to a micro USB memory stick. You need a USB on the go cable, and (possibly) the free app. StickMount.  MORE

Boo’s Digital Photography

All of the scenery shots are taken within the north west of England, largely in Lancashire and Cumbria. Useful tutorials.

Car Spotting and Photography  Have a passion for cars? What about photography? Car spotters are dedicated vehicle enthusiasts who travel from location to location in search of exotic, vintage, modified, or rare super-cars to photograph. Car spotting focuses on finding and capturing rare cars that you don’t see everyday, but car photography is still a rewarding experience even for those not interested in exotic cars.

Digital photography guides from Adobe

ExplorePhotography  was formed to offer a unique reference point on taking, editing and displaying your photos. Whatever level you are at we show you the best ways to stage, take, display, manipulate and store your photographs.

Expose to the Right. David Allen has spotted a very interesting article suggesting that we should “overexpose” our photos. Read more here.

Geoff Lawrence  This free digital photography tutorial site is designed to show you how  to take better photographs. Well worth a look for the less experienced.  

Light and Land  Landscape and Wildlife photographic tutorial tours.

Steven Lewis is a regular teacher of landscape photography. You can find information on his web site at

Macro : A  free extreme macro resource, with comprehensive articles on such things as focus stacking, doing macro on a budget, reverse lens macro, using objectives, different types of macro, what vintage (cheap) lenses work best, lighting techniques, etc

Photoshop Tutorials   

Watch and Learn Photoshop is a source of quality video Photoshop Tutorials. Each week they release a free video tutorial.

Photoshop Support   Tutorials & free Photoshop download trials.

Photoshop TV    An American TV programme featuring Photo Shop tutorials. You can watch recent programmes on line.

Open Collage of Arts.    If you would like to find out more the web site is They are just starting to develop a series of free tutorials on the web. There a couple aimed at amongst others photographers. One is exercises on composition and the other has some basic exercises in colour.

Raw file processing by Gareth Jenkins

Salons and Exhibitions.  Andy has kindly written a guide to entering Salons and Exhibitions. Read his guide HERE.

Stuart Lawrie Images

If you are not a reader of David Peterson’s Newsletters I can recommend them as a great place for early and progressive learning. Take at look at:

The UK Photographers Rights Guide  A short UK guide to the main legal restrictions on the right to take photographs and the right to publish photographs that have been taken.

ColourConfidence  check out their web site!

Creative Live : Video tutorials for advanced photographers.

Photo Answers is powered by  Practical Photography and  sister title, Digital Photo magazines.  It’s a community-focused website where you can benefit from tips and techniques on how to become a better photographer, get inside info on  cameras and  equipment, watch videos on camera and imaging skills, check out great places to take photos, join in the forums, and post your images into their feedback galleries

ColourConfidence   you might like to check out their web site if you have colour balance queries!