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If you are new to photography take a few minutes to read the attached guide by David Peterson. There is nothing too complicated here, no jargon or technical talk, just straight answers and practical advice. Download from here:  Top Photography Tips.

David also offers  photography training products.

Take a look at digital-photo-secrets.

Lots more tutorial help on the links pages

Info from Adrian McGarry talk on using cameras in phones

Many thanks for the opportunity to visit Mold Camera Club and to present to the members. Both Katrina and myself enjoyed the evening and I was especially pleased with the turn-out, response and feedback from all.

As promised, the link to the list of iOS apps that I featured in my talk (and a few others) can be found at:

Some Android alternatives to consider are:

An alternative for photo-resizing is

If you don't have a manual mode on an Android, there are third party apps available.

Manual Camera on Android

Moment Pro Camera is a newer camera app on Android. It saw success on iOS and hopes to do the same on Android. It’s a full manual camera with exposure compensation, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, and more. It also supports RAW photos, HDR+ and HDR+ Enhanced (Pixel 2 devices only), a live histogram, and more.

Long exposure app

I cannot vouch for the compatibility or quality of Android apps.

I sincerely hope that you consider to invite me back for an updated talk in the future. The subject of smartphone photography is constantly changing and evolving, which means you never get the same talk from me twice! I am taking bookings into 2021 should you wish to pencil something in.

Please forward the links to your members and pass on my best wishes.


Many thanks

Adrian McGarry

Affinity and Nik Effex software

I have been in contact with Robin Whalley recently in the form of newsletters. Mostly concerning Affinity and Nik Effex software, as a result of this he has given me permission to pass on information about his videos and his tips etc regarding the use of the above. I have copied this information below and hope it is of value to anyone using this software.   Part of the reason for this concerned the photoshop stroke command for borders and its use in Affinity.

This is shown below.

You're quite correct, there isn't a Stroke option in Affinity but there is an easy alternative:

In the Layers Studio Panel select the image layer you want to stroke.

Now click the Layer Effects icon (fx) at the bottom of the Layers Studio Panel. This opens the Layer Effects dialog.

Select the Outline option and set the thickness of the edge you want to create. As with the Stroke option in Photoshop, you may need to set the strke to be inside the image to see it.

As for passing on my emails etc, yes please do. I would be grateful for your help in spreading my work.

All the best


Robin Whalley

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